Robert Flynn - Lead Vocals, Guitars

Date of birth: July 19, 1967
From: Oakland, California
Personal: Married (Genevra Flynn), 2 children
Other bands: Forbidden (1985), Vio-lence (1986-1991)


Robert "Robb" Flynn (born Lawrence Matthew Cardine, adopted). Robb formed the band along with Adam Duce, Logan Mader and Tony Costanza in 1991.


* Gibson Baritone Flying V
* ESP SP120 V-Shaped Baritone Prototype
* ESP LTD F-Series
* B.C. Rich Red Acrylic Warlock
* Washburn 333, "Dimebolt"
* Gibson Flying V (with EMG 81 in bridge)
* Martin Eric Clapton acoustic

For the recording of the song "Aesthetics of Hate", inspired by reactions to the murder of his friend Dimebag Darrell, from the album The Blackening, Flynn used a Washburn 333, nicknamed "Dimebolt", which was given to him by Dimebag after he broke one of Flynn's guitars while intoxicated. However, in the music video for the song, Flynn can be seen playing his transparent B.C. Rich Warlock.

Flynn uses Peavey 5150 and 6505+ heads with Marshall cabinets both live and in the studio. He owns eight Peavey heads, only one of which is used for recording

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