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Machine Head

I just got back from two days of absolute bliss up on Lake Berryessa. Two days of swimming, wake-surfing (my new love!) hot weather, good friends, and A LOT of beer, whew!!

Shock Top has been my beer of choice lately. I know, I know, all the beer snobs are going to cringe, but dammit, it's the best shitty beer out there!! And there’s something about drinking it with 2 orange chunks, in the heat, on the lake, it's a great all-day-beer. I can’t seem to hang with the craft beers when were on the lake. Not sure if it’s too heavy or what??

Genevra and I got into wake-surfing about 4 seasons ago, we still wakeboard, but the falls are a helluva lot easier since you only going about 11 MPH. For those who don't know, it's basically getting pulled behind a boat on a board, and by filling up the water ballasts it weighs the boat down and makes a 3 foot wave / wake, you pull yourself up by a rope, and then let go eventually and "surf."

It is fucking awesome!

I find myself having these total Zen-moments out there on the water doing it.

And even more rad is watching my sons get hooked on it. Zander is now wakeboarding getting some pops out there on the wake, and Wyatt who is now doing 360's on the knee-board. NUT-ZO!!

My Camping-Crew was up there over the weekend with us and we just raged! Fuck me, it was a good time, and I didn’t know how bad I needed it.

It's a great release when things get stressful in life.


Is done! And album title too!

We'll probably make an announcement soon enough, but we are really freakin' stoked with it!!!

Been working with a new artist named Marcelo Vasco. We got turned on to Marcelo’s work through Gerardo at Nuclear Blast and let me tell you…this kid has delivered some fucking glory! He took updated MH ‘Lion Crest’ that Rafal Wechterowicz (we call him Raf for short) had designed with us, and added this whole other dark trip to it. We've decided to base the album package off of an old Alchemy book, with aged, sepia-toned pages on the insides, alchemy wood-cuts.

As we talked about before, one of the things we were so excited to sign with Nuclear Blast about was the next level, special packages they do for their bands. This Machine Head set up may be their biggest yet! Just the album alone will come in deluxe CD, vinyl gatefold, and the piece-de-résistance, a red foil and leather bound 48-page media book with CD. Some album bundles will come with a hard resin Machine Head diamond logo around the media book. There will be something akin to an “ultra bundle” as well, which will include a completely custom Epiphone Guitar (with the new lion crest artwork) courtesy of Epiphone Guitars.

This shit is ridiculous!!

Been working our butts off to make it all happen in time, hence why it's been a little quiet around these parts, but it's all coming together, in fact, it's above and beyond what we thought it would be!


All that I can say is, I am fucking STOK-ED to get back out there and play for the Head Cases of America again!!!!

See you out there my friends!!

P.S. - Here's me doing push-ups on the water, er, uh, falling off the wakesurf, er, uh, whatever funny caption you guys can make!

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