April 5, 2013, posted by Crumbs.


Machine Head

For 4 years in a row, the family and I have taken a trip down to Rancho Mirage in the Palm Springs area of Southern California for the kids Spring Break. They have a few hotels down here that are built around waterslide parks and for 5 days we'll hang at the pool, endlessly hit the waterslides, swim, eat amazing mexican food, while Genevra and I drink vodka-Mojitos and Blue Moons w/ orange.

It is one of life's little treasures.

I really enjoyed this break, been stressed out. I have a bad habit of letting Machine Head consume my life (and it can be all all-consuming) so from time to time I go "off the grid". Turn off the phone, not check email 100 times a day, not answer texts 300 times a day. So while I'm writing this journal, (this is something I enjoy and don't consider work), I'm on vacation, full journals will resume next week, promise!

My son Wyatt said something today that I liked the sentiment of, we were walking back to the pool, we both had no flip-flops, we're barefoot, the ground was hot, and he said, "Dada, we have to walk in the shadows"

Yes son...

Yes we do.

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