May 11, 2015, posted by Crumbs

Robb Flynn suffers stomach problems ahead of South American tour

Machine Head

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn is to have his gallbladder removed just weeks before the band head out on tour.

He expects to go under the knife tomorrow (Tuesday) after doctors advised him the pain caused by a gallstone they'd found would make life on the road unbearable.

He says in a video: "I had food poisoning about a week ago and I've had this pretty severe pain under my right rib since then. I've been to the doctor a few times but they don't know what it is, so the only way I could get in was to go to emergency.

"I have a gallstone in my gallbladder and I need surgery to remove it. And I'm getting ready to go on tour in two fucking weeks, for seven weeks."

But he believes he has no option. "In 2012 I had hernia for a year and a half, and I put it off because I discovered it at the beginning of a tour cycle," he recalls. "It just got too painful on the road. I can't really take the pain and we need to do the tour."

Flynn adds: "It's not just the gallstone they're removing they actually have to remove my entire gallbladder, which I guess you don't really need. I had my appendix removed was I was nine or 10, and I haven't needed that."

Machine Head are scheduled to start their tour on May 25 in Mexico, ahead of a wider run of South American dates. They then head to New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Europe. - A Place Dedicated to the Mighty Machine Head!