July 14, 2011, posted by FotherMucker99

Phil Demmel provides track by track breakdown of Unto The Locust

Machine Head

Brandon Marshall of Sonic Excess recently conducted an interview with guitarist Phil Demmel of San Francisco Bay Area metallers MACHINE HEAD. A few excerpts from the chat follow below.

SONIC EXCESS: With the success of Machine Headís 2007 release, The Blackening, was there extra pressure while writing and recording Unto The Locust, and did Machine Head have the mentality to bury The Blackening when going into the studio?

PHIL DEMMEL: I donít think so. I think it was the same pressure that they felt after Supercharger, doing Through The Ashes, or The Blackening. The band always wants to do a different record, and thatís certainly been proven with the discography. I mean, no record has been the same, and that continues to trend. Weíve been writing for ourselves since Iíve been in the band. I canít speak for before then, but we write for ourselves. Thatís what weíve been doing. Weíve been growing in the music, as people, as friends, and band mates. Weíve grown as brothers and in our everyday lives. So, we see the world from a different perspective now. So, thatís also going to change our moods and the way we write. Thatís been the case, for sure. I wouldnít say there was any more pressure than the last one. You always want to write the best record that you can.

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