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October 31, 2003


Through the Ashes of Europe Tour




Dublin, Ireland

Other bands:

Clergy and 3 Bulls Each


From Wayne Madden:
The first gig of Machine Head's tour in support of the album Through the Ashes of Empires this gig was held just a few days after the album had been released in Ireland. Support for the gig was provided by Clergy and 3 Bulls Each, both local bands from Ireland, who had been selected by Machine Head after the band asked for demo submissions from local bands. Because the gig was on Halloween night the band encouraged the audience to dress up, and although a few did, the biggest effort was made by the band - Robb particularly stood out because he was dressed as the devil - in a red tuxedo with facepaint and horns. This was also Phil Demmels first European gig with the band after being appointed the official full time replacement of Ahrue Luster. Highlights from the set included a rendition of The Burning Red, Ten Ton Hammer and the first ever performance, anywhere in the world, of Descend The Shades of Night.

The band would not return to Southern Ireland after this until November 2007, although they would perform in Belfast in 2004.


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