August 24, 2007, posted by Crumbs.

MACHINE HEAD Win Big At Kerrang! Awards!

Machine Head

According to, with two trophies, MACHINE HEAD were the big winners last night at the Kerrang! Awards, held at the Brewery venue in East London. Machine Head won the Kerrang Icon award, and their set The Blackening was named best album. The winner of the Kerrang! Hall Of Fame award was JUDAS PRIEST.

The Kerrang awards have a reputation as the booziest and least predictable celebration on the U.K.s award program. Tonights event was no let-down. Early in the evening, a disgrunted guest destroyed a bottle on table 52, showering onlookers with glass and liquid, and wounding a woman. A large shard missed this reporter's face by inches.

To view a gallery of the show head here.

Source: Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles - A Place Dedicated to the Mighty Machine Head!