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New Interview With Dave McClain Posted Online!

Machine Head

Last week the french Machine Head fan site got the chance to meet the Machine Head drummer Dave McClain and ask him a couple of questions...

Before to start, this is our first interview and were glad to start with you. May be itll be your worst interview.
Dave: (Laugh) Cool, awesome.

Weve a fan site about Machine Head maybe you know
Dave: No I didn't heard but that's cool, (Laugh) awesome.

Machine So weve a gift for you... It's a red wine bottle.
Dave: Kick ass! That's Good?

That's not really good it's about a french tradition with red wine when the vendange is ending.
Dave: All right! Kick ass, thanks!

Machine Dave, How do you do?
Dave: I do good.

Machine How takes place the tour? What do you think about Children of Bodom and Slipknot?
Dave: Ehmmm...I have not already the time to watch Children Of Bodom too much yet but I like their stuff I think they are cool you know. Crazy guitars shit gone on. Slipknot
was Slipknot. We're been friends with this guys forever. When we recording our first... Ehmm... When they recording their first album and when we recording "The Burning Red" like at the same time, same studio and so we've been since says thanks you know not like great friends but we talk everyday you know friends and it's cool to be on tour with the band you hearing now both respect each other that's good.

Machine Let us return on the feedback of "The Blackening", did you expect that? A French metal magazine even said that it was the album Thrash of decade.
Dave: Awesome. Yeah! It's amazing, I mean when you... You never know what people gonna think you know when you put an album out because we put the album out where
people just trahsed the shit or heard; This is horrible whatever, but it's... when you put an album out and people like it, it's just fuckin' great (Laugh).

Machine And it's a great album!
Dave: Thanks.

Machine Do you think that Machine Head possess his two better guitarists; finally I find that Robb is more complementary with Phil than Ahrue?
Dave: Yes, definitely... Eeehm... Yeah, cause they can, Ahrue, Ahrue was, Ahrue was never that guitar player that, you know, that Robb could've traded off things like the way Phil, Phil and Robb do now Kinda like KK Downing and Glenn Tipton from Judas Priest, you know, like, trading off leads and everything and, and... Ehm... They just have a good chemistry together, you know they like to, they like to kinda challenge they're two different types of guitar players which is good and... Ehm... And, they both can kinda challenge each other when it comes to playing leads and harmony leads and... Ehm... And ah, yeah that's awesome you know, having Phil coming to the band has really opened up our music, a lot- on tour we can do a lot of different things - they go a little more interesting.

Machine Maybe because they played together in Vio-lence?
Dave: I think so, yeah, I mean they, they always had that chemistry together and, and ehm, so, yeah, they've done it, they've done it before in the past and ehm,
they're doing it again, works really good.

Machine About A Farewell to Arms, I would like to know if you were inspired by Ernest Hemingway's novel?
Dave: Oh, maybe Robb was... Ehm... I don't know Robb write all lyrics and Robb actually read books and I don't (Laugh) I like the way for the movies.

Machine In an interview, I read that Robb was not satisfied by "Supercharger", and you what do you think about it?
Dave: He was, he was not satisfied really, Yeah, you know, that was, "Supercharger" was a record that... Ehm... it was just one of those records that, ahh, for me,
has about four good songs on it, that I really like, and, and the rest of the record, it was... Ehm... We just, it was a bad time, it was a bad time writing songs, and, and,
whether or not we thought we had some good songs, like, looking back on it, it just, you know, it wasn't one of our finer moments for sure.

Read the full interview here >>

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