January 29, 2009, posted by Crumbs

Metal Hammer Slipknot / Machine Head 5-part web feature from Tampere, Finland!

Machine Head

AAA: Slipknot & Machine Head

On tour feature with 2 of metal’s biggest and best bands!

SLIPKNOT are the ultimate metal hate machine. Machine Head are the ultimate party metallers. Together they destroyed Europe on the most brutal tour of 2008.

When you visit Tampere – pronounced Tam-pair-ay and situated two hours north of Helsinki, Finland – it would be fitting to be issued with your own ball of tumbleweed upon arrival. It’s Sunday. And, as our unhelpful hotel receptionist informs us, it’s International Fathers’ Day. The town is deserted. The shops are closed. Museums and galleries, closed. Restaurants and cafes, closed. This could be any industrial town in the UK. Imagine Swindon or Milton Keynes on Christmas Day. And then suck what little life there is out of it. That’s Tampere.

“How do we get to Moomin Land from here?” Hammer enquires as we’re determined to amuse ourselves in the four hours before our departure.

“It’s closed,” the receptionist abruptly points out.

“Ohhhh… Kaaaaay… We have some time to kill, what would you recommend we do while we’re here?” Our hapless informant merely shrugs and shakes his head. A quick reconnaissance mission in the hotel’s vicinity confirms it. Everything – save for McDonalds in the shopping mall next door and the hotel restaurant – is closed. To add insult to our plight, our watch seems to be broken. We’re sure it’s been an hour since we last checked, as we wander around town, freezing our extremities off in a blanket of fog, raindrops lashing at our skin like thousands of tiny needles, looking for something, anything to do. Five minutes. Time, it seems, runs a little slower in this town…

It’s a stark contrast to just 24 hours ago. The very same hotel and surrounding area was swarming with metal heads from all across the country, bubbling and babbling with excitement and probably a skinful of booze already. The reason? The Slipknot and Machine Head juggernaut has just hit Europe, and they’re ready to slay.

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