January 12, 2016, posted by Crumbs.

Machine Head Paris-show February 16th Officially Cancelled

Machine Head

French Head Cases, we are very disappointed to break this news to you, but unfortunately, a new venue / date was not able to be sorted in time for a Paris show (originally scheduled for Feb 16th, 2016).

As we announced previous, it was expected for almost a month that Le Bataclan would re-open in time for our show, but in December we got news that it would (understandably) remain closed for continued investigations after the terror attacks.

At that point, we looked into every possible option, adding a date at the beginning, a date in the first week, tagging on to the end of tour after Glasgow... everything... no luck. The sad fact is, we were a month behind most every other re-routing happening.

4 months worth of tour dates having to get re-routed in light of Le Bataclan closing, has meant a staggering overflow for the very few venues that host rock music, and many Paris dates have been cancelled. Le Bataclan was also one of the few venues suited for the expected attendance of 2,000 people, and that allowed us our substantial production needs.

All other Machine Head dates in the French provinces including Nimes, Bordeaux, Clermont Ferrand, Reims and Lille are still happening.

We are hoping to get back to Paris as soon as possible, but for now it will not be on this upcoming tour.

"Fluctuat nec mergitur"

- Machine Head

Source: Machine Head Facebook - A Place Dedicated to the Mighty Machine Head!