August 20, 2013, posted by Crumbs.

The General Journals: They made it roll, so we could rock

Machine Head

As I mentioned a few journals ago, I took up photography back in January of this year. Well not really "took it up" as I've always been interested in it, but I guess it’s when I got my first "real" camera. Even though I'm still in "auto mode" (if you want to check a "real" musician-photographer, check out Randy Blythe's Instagram... A-MA-ZING!?)

I kept telling myself I was going to take photos of the other bands, but I just never did, and after our set I'd sit in our bus decompressing from the 35-minute, 1,000 mile-an-hour ride I just had, and I'd watch the crew break down the stages. It was often jaw-dropping to watch. These guys worked grueling 12- and 14-hour days, often in the 104-degree heat, in dirty, dusty parking lots and gravel fields, then get some catering and then take their sweaty, dusty selves over to wait in line for a shower (sometimes for 90 minutes) or sometimes, just shower in the parking lot with soap and 10 cans of Rockstar water!

It's a rough gig, and these guys do it, day in, day out, a lot of them became our friends along the way, and without them, the awesome show that you just watched us play on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival would NOT in ANY WAY have been possible. These guys deserve massive thanks for the hard work they did and will continue to do. I tried to get everyone I could, but inevitably I missed a few, so for the people that aren't included in here, I want to say "thank you for everything you did to make this fucking amazing tour happen".

I made a YouTube clip of my photos with help of one of our video guys, Scott Kirkeeng.

Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the men and women of Mayhem who made it roll, so that we could rock.

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