October 11, 2013, posted by Crumbs.

The General Journals: Sometimes Writing Music Sucks

Machine Head

That's how yesterday felt, a frustrating day, where we bashed out new tunes, talked about things that weren't pleasant to talk about, and hammered at new tunes trying to find that special something, that killer hook, that amazing vocal melody, that brutal riff, that great lyric to shout, that magical thing that makes all 4 of us go, "fuck yeah, that's killer, or, "now we got a song here!!"

But all to no avail.

Songs, songs, songs!! That's all my brain is thinking about, I've had to meditate before I go to bed every night or all I do is stare at the ceiling thinking... and thinking... and thinking. About life, about things, moments, about lyrics, about songs, "maybe it can go this way, or maybe it can go that way..." AGH!!

Last night I didn't meditate, instead I went to see my friends Orange Goblin crush The Metro in Oakland. Jared and I demoed new tunes ti 8:30 or so, then met up with the OG guys at Beer Revolution (cool punk rock beer-only-bar that has 400 beers available), drank some of my favorite Belgian beer "Foret", then went and rocked out. I caught the support band Holy Grail, who were rockin', great frontman, both guitarists were SH-RED-DERS! The Goblin killed it, great drunken vibe, touring the US now, don't miss 'em!

Got home late, thought about meditating, but was buzzed enough to crash out and not think.

And today is a new day.

Before we left the jamroom last night, Dave drew a happy face w/ buckteeth on the dry/erase board and said "this is how tomorrow is gonna be".

Heading to practice in a few minutes, I'll let you know how it goes.

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