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The General Journals: Killers & Kings Tour

Machine Head

Just wrapped a 3 week tour of the US.


What an awesome run of shows. I can't even begin to tell you what an amazing experience it was doing a tour of what is known in "the biz" as B & C markets. I think I mentioned when we announced the tour that the whole point of the tour was to play places that we had never headlined, or hadn't headlined for a loooong time. Playing no major markets at all (LA, SF, NY, etc), and playing at least 4 hours from every major market, Machine Head dug deep into the nooks and crannies of the US, to the people who hadn't seen MH except on a Mayhem Festival or something, and in some cases never seen us at all. We knew going into it that we'd lose a lot of money doing it, especially by not playing any major markets, but it was a huge, Huge, HUGE success as far as we were concerned.

Scratch that: It was plain fucking awesome!!

Setting the bar crazy high was the one / two punch of Fresno, CA and Salt Lake City, UT. There was a moment during the Salt Lake show where it seriously felt like a European festival show it was so crazy. The sing-a-long at the end of "Darkness" went on FOREVER!! They didn't want to stop!! It was SO freakin' rad!!!

Billings, Montana was the next show and again, just EPIC, it was our first time ever playing in there, and they greeted us like returning kings.

Minot, North Dakota was next, and it was just flat out insanity! I'll be honest here, I'd never even heard of Minot when our booking agent suggested it, but he said it would be awesome and good lord he was right! About an hour before showtime, our TM approached me and said a guy wanted to propose to his wife onstage, apparently they both loved Machine Head, both had Darkness Within tattoos of the lyrics, it was so random and cool I said "fuck it". And hoping for the dudes sake she said "yes", LOL. When it came time, I set up the scenario, (which the girl was completely oblivious to) and man, it was a genuinely sweet moment. You could tell by the way he was talking to her, looked at her, that he really, really loved her.

And she said "yes".

And the kiss afterwards...? Holy smokes, I thought for a second there, they just might start humpin' onstage.

First time for everything. Very cool moment for Machine Head.

Ft. Wayne, Indiana and Toledo, Ohio were next, both first timers for us, and again, just mind-blowing shows, so intense and passionate. A bunch of friends from Chicago came to the Ft Wayne show, and we had a great hang. Toledo was just fuckin crazed mayhem, packed to rafters, sweat drenched, and near-religious-experience.

ROCK USA in Osh Kosh, WI was next, and I already told you about that drunken debauchery. Though I guess the story got even better because I guess before I puked in bunk alley, I puked all over the bathroom, and apparently locked myself in there for 45 minutes while I was passed out. OY VEY!!!!

Nashville TN, has officially been re-named Thrashville TN, because my fuckin GOD!!! What an crushing show!! Seriously, unforgettable. First time headlining there in 19 years. Blew the roof off the joint, and Nashville blew our minds and bodies.

Little Rock, AR and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma were devastating, and it was really cool to see the band supporting us Anti-Mortem play their hometown of Oklahoma City to huge success. Check them out if you get a chance, great band, great dudes, kinda southern-rock meets Pantera, and some of the nicest dudes around.

The tour ended in Springfield MI, and I don't know if there has ever been a hotter Machine Head show in history. NUTZO! Sweat was dripping from the walls, the fucking ceiling, even our non-sweat-gland-having-drummer was sweating his ass off!! It was a magical show, people was loosing their marbles.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out these shows for making them so fucking special and amazing, we HAVE to do this again!!

First night of the UK run was in Nottingham last night, and the bar has been already been set for the rest of the UK and Europe, fucking Machine-Head-mania last night. Our amazing UK press agents Michelle Kerr and Kirstin came out. We had a great hang with our long-time producer Colin Richardson and his engineer Carl Bown. Andy Sneap came out, as he and I had hung out the day before at his studio and we tracked a lead I had forgotten to do, DOH! Between Colin, Sneap and I, after the show, MAN, "The More Things Change" stories were flowing like wine. As they say, comedy is tragedy over time, LOL. My face still hurts from laughing so hard, it was a GREAT hang. Good times with good friends.

We have a day off in Edinburgh Scotland today, hoping to trip around this amazing old city, and take in some of the sites for the first time ever.


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