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Machine Head

Robb Flynn just posted a new journal:

We load into Green Day's place - JingleTown Studios to start recording our New Album on Sunday.

As our guitar tech Rodrigo (aka: Shot Rod) would say, Stok-ED!!

Looking forward to this, it's gonna be a fun album to record. We have some really, really strong songs, powerful songs. There’s no question it's going to be a big project. So with big projects come big expectations and sometimes big “issues,” but the feeling in the band, the feeling BETWEEN the band, is so positive we’re chomping at the bit to get started. We know it will be a big undertaking but were up for it. We're ready.

We’re approaching two decades of recording and releasing our music to you. Let that sink in for a minute... because it definitely causes me to pause.

Most bands do not get to make music for as long as we have and flourish. Most bands do not get to build an “army” of fans and friends. We have, and for one of many reasons, we refuse to rest on our laurels. There's no getting complacent at this stage of the game. Good isn't good enough, it has to change the world, it has to dent the universe. You won't care if it's anything less. We're putting in the long, hard, boring hours of work that it takes to make something truly special.

And I have to mention it again; the feeling of 4 guys pulling together, 4 guys all on the same page, 4 guys all on the same team, man... it is an amazing feeling. I can't remember a time when the band was this locked-in mentally, physically, and spiritually.

There's still a waaaaays to go before we're done, a few songs still getting wrapped up musically / lyrically...

But yeah, it begins... this weekend.


As I mentioned last week, we will be releasing the "demo" version of "Killers & Kings" with a b-side of the Ignite classic "Our Darkest Days / Bleeding", on 10 inch vinyl for Record Store Day worldwide. For those of you who don't know, Record Store Day is a day to support the local mom & pop record stores. Often bands will release Limited Edition items exclusively to these stores, it never ends up in the big chains. It helps support the little guys, and if you can't make it to the store you can still order if from them online. We back it 100%.

Yesterday we put the first of four 10 inch album covers that will be released. 4 Tarot cards in total. More covers coming next week.

It's the first time since our debut album that we've actually released demos "before" an album. Since that album we've only done it after the fact, and I really am excited about doing before hand. I remember selling the 6-song Machine Head demo at our early shows, we'd sell it in the parking lots of metal shows like drugs, I even brokered a deal overseas to have the demos sold and they did extremely well, it helped create a buzz over there.

This demo version of "K&K" is not-finished. Shit, I'm still "scattin'" some the lyrics, meaning = making it up as I go! I think it's cool that you can hear that.

I'm not sure why the idea of releasing demos before a record stopped. I always loved hearing demos before a record came out. I think what happened is that record companies got scared that people wouldn't buy the record if they didn't like the demos. I know for me, I wanted to hear new music no matter what. If I was crazy about the band, I searched far and wide to hear anything they had, demos, bootlegs, rehearsals, videos, the more I found, the better. It's like I went on a journey with the band. Listening to the songs evolve, or not evolve, change or not change.

I love that journey!

I hope you do too, cause we're about to take you on a crazy fucking journey.

Are you ready?

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