December 6, 2013, posted by Crumbs

The General Journals: December Update

Machine Head

Part 7 and 8, the final pieces of the "Through The Ashes Turns 10" journals will be up on Monday and Wednesday of next week.

I've been focused on writing lyrics and because of this The General Journals have taken a back seat, but I'm almost done with parts 7 and 8. As promised I will have some rarities from the Flynn Vault in the final Journal.

As you may have noticed there aren't any, "hey, were in the recording studio" updates happening. That's because were not!

A few Journals ago I said we'd hit the studio at end of October, and while we tried our damnedest to make that deadline, the fact is, we weren't ready.

We started writing in January of this year but between the bassist auditions, teaching Jared all the old tunes, rehearsing for headline dates, doing Mayhem, getting Jared up to speed on the new tunes, and back into writing mode in September, we just didn't have the songs yet. We probably only wrote music for 4 out of those 9 months, if we went in, it would have been rushed.

This is an important record for us. With a new label, a new member, and this being the follow up to "Locust" all eyes are on us. This record cannot be rushed or hurried, it needs to be great. It needs to be classic Machine Head. It needs to be a timeless album.

Our new label, Nuclear Blast agreed and said "hey, if it comes out in April or August, who cares? In 5 years, they're only going to remember if it's great or not."

It was refreshing and we were grateful that's how they felt.

We are now going in the studio the first week of February, 2014.

We already have 5 or 6 song demoed, some are in more finished stages than others, so we'll continue demoing through the New Year. Shit, who am I kidding? We’ll probably be demoing up until the day before we hit the studio, LOL!

Thanks for the patience my friends.

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