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Machine Head

Do you want to be sure to get your hands on "The Blackening" CD & DVD Specia Edition? It includes bonus tracks and a DVD with live performances from 2004 and 2008!

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The complete track listing is as follows:

"The Blackening":
01. Clenching The Fists of Dissent
02. Beautiful Mourning
03. Aesthetics Of Hate
04. Now I Lay Thee Down
05. Slanderous
06. Halo
07. Wolves
08. A Farewell To Arms
09. Hallowed Be Thy Name (IRON MAIDEN cover)
10. Battery (METALLICA Cover)

Bonus DVD:

Live performances:
01. Clenching The Fists Of Dissent (With Full Force 2008)
02. Now I Lay Thee Down (With Full Force 2008)
03. Halo (With Full Force 2008)
04. Aesthetics Of Hate (Rock In Rio 2008)
05. Davidian (Rock In Rio 2008)
06. Imperium (Download 2007)
07. Old (Download 2007)
08. A Thousand Lies (Burn My Eyes 10th Anniversary 2004)
09. The Rage To Overcome (Burn My Eyes 10th Anniversary 2004)
10. Death Church (Burn My Eyes 10th Anniversary 2004)
11. Blood For Blood (Burn My Eyes 10th Anniversary 2004)

Uncensored & Unedited Music Videos:
01. Halo
02. Now I Lay Thee Down
03. Aesthetics Of Hate

Plus a "Making Of...." feature for each video

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