January 22, 2009, posted by Crumbs

New Features on!

Machine Head

A lot of stuff has happend on during the last few months. I've been working with some new functions and thought that it would be time to sum stuff up. Most of the new features are in the ”Show”-section including songs, setlists and search-functions for shows by selecting venue, city and country. But there's also some new stuff in the ”releases”-section as well...

- Main page, random pictures from shows, live or backstage. Click the image to view more pictures from that show.

- Releases → Albums, new section called "Alternate versions" for digi-pak and other editions of official releases.

- Tour → Current/Past → Show info, click on a song in the setlist to see the lyrics. There's also a new "View Map" link connected to Google Maps.

- Tour → Search, search for shows by selecting venue, city and country.

- Tour → Live stats, overview of songs played live during a selected year. See how many times your favourite song has been played during the last year.

That's about it. Look out for more new cool stuff because TakeMyScars never sleep. - A Place Dedicated to the Mighty Machine Head!