October 4, 2017, posted by Crumbs.

Machine Heads new album Catharsis is officially done!

Machine Head

Machine Heads new album Catharsis is officially done. In a YouTube live-stream a few hours ago Robb Flynn speaks about the new album, Tom Pettys death, the Las Vegas shootings and a lot more.

Here's a quick sum-up:
"- Lower your expectations for the heaviness, it's a very melodic record. It's shorter and simpler songs so it's definitely not gonna be 10 minute songs left and right, say like The Blackening. But I'm very proud of it, we're all really proud of it and we're worked our fucking butts off on this thing."

A quick Q/A:
- Any covers on the new record? No.
- Will Catharsis be a lyrical dark album? Yes.

See the full stream here:

Source: - A Place Dedicated to the Mighty Machine Head!