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Machine Head


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May 14, 2005


States Turn Blue To Gray Tour


House of Blues


Chicago, IL, US - View Map

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Devildriver and It Dies Today


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Machine Head is touring in support of their latest album, Through The Ashes of Empires and celebrating ten years together as one of the best bands in metal. They’ve always provided some of the heaviest riffs and melodic rhythms, without being overly flashy or redundant. Robert Flynn’s’ lyrics are like anthems and the crowd responded to every guitar lick as if it were the bands last. The mosh pits were vicious and you could hear the crowd following every word to almost every song.

As usual, Flynn shared shots of Jäger with mates, Phil Demmel, Dave McClain, and Adam Duce and pulled out his famous custom made, bright, candy red guitar for part of the ninety minute set. They were having fun playing dueling guitars and covering bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica after playing some of their staples like “Take My Scars”, “Ten Ton Hammer” and “Supercharger” along with new song “Days Turn Blue To Grey”, “Imperium”, and the slowest song of the night, “Descend The Shades Of Night.” He thanked the fans for sticking with them the last ten years and that this was the first time they played a sold out show in Chicago. If you haven’t caught this tour yet, then you’re definitely missing out. This crowd enjoyed the pummeling and there’s no wonder that they chanted Machine Fuckin’ Head!


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