June 26, 2008, posted by Crumbs

MACHINE HEAD on Kerrang's "Maiden Heaven"!

Machine Head

Following on from their 2006 Kerrang! Remastered CD in honor of the 20th anniversary of Metallica's "Master Of Puppets", Kerrang's latest collection "Maiden Heaven" features 15 bands covering tracks spanning Iron Maiden's legendary career, and will be given away free in Kerrang! issue 1219 on sale July 16th! "When I was a kid, Iron Maiden were a very big deal to me and the influence they had on Machine Head has been huge" says Robb Flynn. "We decided to cover 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' for this CD because it's just such a great song, in fact it's a classic. I just love the way the vocal line goes up and down, so dramatic. If someone who'd never heard them wanted to know what Iron Maiden sounded like, I'd point them in the direction of 'Hallowed Be Thy Name'."

Black Tide - "Prowler"
Metallica - "Remember Tomorrow"
Avenged Sevenfold - "Flash Of The Blade"
Glamour Of The Kill - "2 Minutes To Midnight"
Coheed and Cambria - "The Trooper"
DevilDriver - "Wasted Years"
Sign - "Run To The Hills"
Dream Theater - "To Tame A Land"
Madina Lake - "Caught Somewhere In Time"
Gallows - "Wrathchild"
Fightstar - "Fear Of The Dark"
Machine Head - "Hallowed Be Thy Name"
Trivium - "Iron Maiden"
Year Long Disaster - "Running Free"
Ghostlines - "Brave New World"

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