August 8, 2007, posted by Crumbs.

MACHINE HEAD: The Black Tyranny Tour

Machine Head

The onslaught that is "The Black Tyranny Tour" begins Friday, September 7th and will rip a swath across North America well into October! With Machine Head and Arch Enemy both performing full headlining sets and Throwdown and Sanctity supporting, you won't want to miss this tour!

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn states "Man, it's just an endless stream of good news here in Machine Head-land, we are so fucking stoked to be going out with some of our favorite bands, here in the U.S., on what is sure to be THE most brutal metal tour of the Fall! Machine Head, Arch Enemy, Throwdown and Sanctity are going to bring the pain to you motherfuckers, and carnage will have no rules on this tour. Beware The Black Tyranny!!!"

Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow adds, "Arch Enemy teaming up with Machine Head in the U.S. is a big FUCK YOU to everybody who dwells in the past! We certainly aren't! Instead we're looking forward to crushing the U.S. together and leaving nothing but a tangled wreck of molten metal in our wake!"

Gossow continues, "As an added bonus for Arch Enemy fans, this will be the first time in three years that the (recently reunited) Amott brothers will be bringing their insane dual-guitar shredding to American soil! I am very excited to get back on stage and celebrate the sheer power of extreme music, all wrapped up in this fantastic tour package!"

"Let freedom ring with a METAL blast!!!"

The Black Tyranny Tour promises night after pummeling night of power from some of metal's finest. From the first note to the last, The Black Tyranny Tour will be spoken of long after it crushes your town, so if there is one show this year that you can't afford to miss, this is it. Prepare, The Black Tyranny is coming your way!

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